Artist's Biography

Darrell has always had an interest in anything with an engine, wheels and wings. He first picked up a pencil at an early age and it progressed from there. At age eight he was gifted a set of tube water colors and started doing aviation art. During his mid-teens he received a set of oils as a birthday gift and continued with aviation art. This gave him a more in depth understanding of how light reacts to surfaces causing reflections, shadows and highlights, which gives an object dimension and depth.

His refined technique requires subtle blending, an ultra light touch when needed, thick color laydown on dominant areas, and layering of multiple colors to achieve a desired end result. With oils, all of these things combined create a very deep painting, giving depth and under certain circumstances, almost fool the eye into looking at a hologram in certain areas. No other medium does this, only oil paints, and high end ones at that. His paintings have fooled many thinking they were either photographs, digital art or the use of an airbrush for effects. None of the above is true. They are all done by hand, with refined techniques. He has approximately 20 years of experience and he uses brushes from 5 hair ultra long liners all the way up to 2" wide brushes, and everything in between. Darrell prefers the characteristics of natural bristle brushes, such as ultra soft goat hair.

His professional background includes engineering design, mechanical. He has worked in the manufacturing design area for military/govt. contracts to pharmaceutical and automotive battery testing equipment. He has since left the field to pursue art full time and expand his gallery, subjects and styles.


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Darrell White


Darrell Practicing October 2008:

Darrell at Gateway on his 1000RRDarrell with "Sub Hunter"

final varnish