High Resolution Sectional Details

After each painting is completed, they are then professionally photographed for limited edition sheet prints, or stretched canvas reproductions, which simulate the original oil painting extremely well. In order to accomplish this accurately, the photographer must use ultra high end equipment to capture every little detail, no matter how small, from the original oil painting. This is done using a 39 megapixel Hassleblad studio camera using various filters and specialty lighting to preserve the exact clarity, colors and details of the original. The photo processor unit within the camera is second to none and the camera shoots sixteen different exposures, taken one after the other, then merged together within the camera for a superb end result. This step, much like the paintings themselves, can't be compromised with anything less than perfection and a keen eye.

Just a few samples of Darrell's work below. Please note, image clarity and detail is still greatly reduced for web use.


With Glory Gained and Duty Done

The Dagger's Glare

The Old Crow of Leiston

Shamrock 201: Fangs Out

Elbows at the Apex

Lady In Red