Welcome to www.DarrellWhite.us, the Studio of Darrell White, who is an Aviation and Motorsports artist who works exclusively in oils to produce highly detailed & historically accurate pieces. Several of Darrell's works are in museums as well as private collections.

Darrell White

Many works are still available in limited edition sheet prints, proof edition sheet prints or stretched canvas reproductions from the gallery catagories below. If you have any questions, please use the "Contact" page, or select "Email" at the bottom of each page. Browse around and enjoy your visit. Thank you & Best Wishes! -Darrell


Darrell's style is both photo-realistic and has a touch of artistic attributes to create certain effects which brings out the pure passion of the subject at hand. Before each piece is started, Darrell visualizes the layout, angles best suited to the subject's styling ques, and then research is performed to help ensure accuracy in details, color, markings, badges, original equipment, options etc. This is particularly helpful for vintage and classic subject matter, as well as historical aviation pieces. His works are visually appealing and very stunning in an attempt to capture the pure essence, feelings and heritage of the subject matter, which brings it to life in fine art giving the impression of jumping out at the viewer.

Darrell’s works, both original paintings and reproductions, are in collections across the United States and in many countries across the globe. He is available to do commissioned pieces for private individuals, museums or corporations. Darrell is also available to help with charitable foundations by means of partial proceed donations from Reproductions or Originals for specific foundations.

New Releases:

Lightning Strike & Viper Venom"Lightning Strike & Viper Venom"

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separator line Forged From Freedom"Forged From Freedom"

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separator line With Glory Gained and Duty Done Eagle Squadron Spitfire MkII's"With Glory Gained and Duty Done"

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separator line Shamrock 201: Fangs Out VMFA-333 F4J"Shamrock 201: Fangs Out"

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